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Momentum is always a good thing so here’s another idea to get you moving when you’re feeling stuck.

When you are really stuck momentum is far more important than direction. Imagine trying to push a car. Would you try to push it round a corner from a standing stop? Or would you always get it moving first and then push it in the direction you want it to go.

Its the same with us, its much easier to move in the right direction once you’re actually moving. So when you are really stuck you need to find something that will raise your energy enough that you can regain some momentum. So here’s a suggestion:

When you’re feeling full of energy and optimism make yourself a big long list of at least 101 things you want to do, be, have or give in your lifetime. You can make it longer if you like and keep adding to this list all the time as you get new ideas. In fact I believe you should never stop adding to this list because the moment you do your life will start running out of energy! George Bernard Shaw said

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

And having goals is a huge part of playing!

Your list will contain some goals, some big and some small, and it will contain long term plans and every day to-do tasks, big things, small things, easy things, things you have no earthly idea how to do now and things you can do in the next 30 seconds, fun things and challenging things. The more you can put on this list the more useful to you it will be.

Now next time you are feeling stuck and you don’t know what to do next have a look at this list and pick one thing that jumps out at you and do it. It might have nothing to do with your goals or what you are supposed to be doing – you might decide to go and get a manicure when you “should” be finishing your book! But the simple act of taking action will create more momentum that sitting looking at the screen feeling guilty will ever do!

Give it a try next time you’re stuck and let me know how it goes.

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Creating momentum towards a goal is one of the most powerful things we can do to make sure we achieve the goal but sometimes its really challenging to maintain that momentum, especially if its a huge goal that is going to take a lot of time to achieve.

I found this great post by Mike Michalowicz, author of The Pumpkin Plan which has some really good ideas about how to motivate yourself when the momentum seems to be running out. Lets face it, even the most motivated of us runs short of energy once in a while. But if we have strategies in place that can get us up and running again quickly we don’t need to take up residence in that stuck place!

Let me know what you think and please share the strategies you use when you get stuck.

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A couple of days ago I suggested you start the week up – so now I’m suggesting you end it up as well. In fact why bother coming down at all?

Creating momentum is one of the surest ways to generate results beyond what you could ever believe possible because momentum creates exponential growth. Try this little game – take a dirham (or a dollar or whatever your local currency is) and double it every day for a month. November is coming up so double your dirham every day for 30 days. And if I asked you at the beginning of the month if you wanted me to give you a million dirhams right now or one dirham that would double every day most people would choose the guaranteed million! But do the maths and see how much you’ve just short-changed yourself. This is the magic of exponential growth.

Creating momentum in your life or your business has the power to transform everything you do. Momentum is probably the most precious currency your business has so whatever you do don’t lose it!

So what are you going to do to end the week up?

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Its the end of the month and for a lot of people this a time when they sit back and relax, even if they haven’t made all of their goals for this month.

Its pretty tempting, especially if you’re a long way off where you wanted to be, to save that energy for next month which, lets face it, is only tomorrow!

But if you ever watch athletes in action they don’t just run up to the tape – they run right through it! That way they never lose momentum at the crucial closing stages.

You never really know what is going to happen or when your business can take a sudden leap so wouldn’t it be a shame if it tried to happen in the last hours of the month but you’d already given up?

Keep pushing on through the end of the month instead of up to it, and not only do you make it possible for miracles to happen, but you also start the next month with the momentum to create a huge burst of energy!

I hope your all miracles happen in May and many more in June!

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Have you ever tried to push a car round a corner from a standing start? It’s pretty difficult, isn’t it? But once you’ve got it moving, its much easier to make it go in the direction you want.

The same is true in life. When you’re feeling stuck its really hard to get up any enthusiasm for anything, let alone following your dreams. So the key is to get moving doing anything – really anything at all that will create some momentum. Once you’ve created some momentum you can then focus on directing that energy where you want it to go. That’s why it doesn’t matter where you start, just that you start.

Do some easy things, get that energy flowing and only then focus on what needs to happen to make your dreams come true. If you feel yourself getting stuck again go back to the easy things. Don’t let the energy falter in the early stages and don’t worry that you don’t seem to have any focus and direction, that will come.

Watch migrating birds to see how it should feel – they flap and flap and flap to create the energy and momentum so they can take off, then they seem to fly around aimlessly a few times until they get their bearings, then suddenly they all join up in formation with other birds with the same intentions and off they go.

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