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We’ve all had those days where we get out of bed on the wrong side and things go progressively more pear-shaped as the day goes on! The thing is, how often do we take the time to consider that the world is not happening to us? We are participating in everything that we get in life! And if we don’t like what we’re getting, then we can change it!

Whining about your mood is a bit like watching a really dreadful movie on TV and not bothering to change the channel! No matter what is happening in the outside world, you alone are responsible for what’s happening inside your head!

So if life is seeming a bit tough right now go and find some uplifting music and dance around to it. Do some yoga or meditation. Read a great book or watch some animals doing stupid things on YouTube! Phone a friend who will make you laugh. Play with the dog, or borrow someone else’s! Watch Ice Age on DVD. Whatever it takes. It’s up to you, and only you, to do what it takes to feel wonderful!

Make that your first priority every morning!

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This is really wonderful!

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There’s been a bit of debate flying around about whether we should define ourselves by what we do rather than by what we are. The tendency for most people is to identify themselves with their profession – “I’m a doctor”, “I’m a teacher”, “I’m a rocket scientist”. The challenge is what happens when, for whatever reason, you stop doing doctor stuff, or teacher stuff or rocket scientist stuff? You may retire or lose your job or just decide to do something different and if you only identify yourself by what you do, there’s a good chance you’re going to have a problem. Who are you when you’re not doing any more?

So if someone asked you “what are you?”, rather than “what do you do?”, how would you answer it? I would guess for a lot of people that would be a really challenging question. And possibly even rather intrusive. But if you were to answer it, would you say you were stressed, tired, angry, overwhelmed, out of control, unhappy?  Or would you say you were inspired, happy, in love with life, energised, spiritual, focused, calm, loving?

The chances are if you were really honest there would be elements of both. As much as we’d like to be positive all the time, the reality is you can’t have “up” without having “down”! But, as always, what you focus on is what grows and if you focus on the negative aspects of your being, very quickly you will become “depressed” which is not a helpful state. Focusing on the positive means you will always have access to the energy you need to create the results you desire.

The reality is we live in the material world and some, in fact most, people will identify us by what we do. What we need to always be aware of is that whatever we do, we focus on doing it in a joyful, positive, inspired way.

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Here’s another great happy song to kick off your weekend in the right mood:

Enjoy the healing power of fantastic music!

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It is absolutely impossible for positive results to come from negative thinking! How simple is that?

The problem with negative thinking is it is so common we don’t even notice it any more. Its all around us in the newspapers, on the TV, even on the radio.  Even in day to day conversations people are moaning about the traffic, the weather, bad service, rude people, politicians and all sorts of things they can do nothing about. Worry and stress has almost become a badge of honour. Its almost like if you’re not worried or stressed then you can’t be very important!

The problem is, worrying about what has gone wrong or could go wrong will never ever help you find a solution to make things go right. What we focus on is what we get, so we need to focus 100% on solutions in order to bring them about. And worrying about things you can’t affect is just a total waste of energy! I heard some people the other day worrying amongst themselves about the situation in Japan. It is terrible, but don’t worry about it – do something! Check out Fortunate Blessings and instead of wasting time and energy worrying, make a real difference!

Now I do believe that planning for things going wrong can be useful. Life doesn’t always go exactly the way we want! But once those plans have been made never ever look at them again unless you have to. Its like buying life insurance and then looking at the policy every day and worrying about when you’re going to make a claim! You’re not going to make a claim – it won’t be your problem!

The problem is the economy thrives on making people worry. There are huge corporations who have enormous vested interests in keeping you scared and stressed and believing the world might be about to end! Scared, stressed people are docile people, they don’t rock the boat, they just meekly do, think and buy as they’re told without questioning because some “expert” has told them. They are sheeple!

But you don’t have to buy into it! Decide today to create your own abundant circle and focus only on the results you want.

Don’t worry – Be happy!

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