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Momentum is always a good thing so here’s another idea to get you moving when you’re feeling stuck.

When you are really stuck momentum is far more important than direction. Imagine trying to push a car. Would you try to push it round a corner from a standing stop? Or would you always get it moving first and then push it in the direction you want it to go.

Its the same with us, its much easier to move in the right direction once you’re actually moving. So when you are really stuck you need to find something that will raise your energy enough that you can regain some momentum. So here’s a suggestion:

When you’re feeling full of energy and optimism make yourself a big long list of at least 101 things you want to do, be, have or give in your lifetime. You can make it longer if you like and keep adding to this list all the time as you get new ideas. In fact I believe you should never stop adding to this list because the moment you do your life will start running out of energy! George Bernard Shaw said

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

And having goals is a huge part of playing!

Your list will contain some goals, some big and some small, and it will contain long term plans and every day to-do tasks, big things, small things, easy things, things you have no earthly idea how to do now and things you can do in the next 30 seconds, fun things and challenging things. The more you can put on this list the more useful to you it will be.

Now next time you are feeling stuck and you don’t know what to do next have a look at this list and pick one thing that jumps out at you and do it. It might have nothing to do with your goals or what you are supposed to be doing – you might decide to go and get a manicure when you “should” be finishing your book! But the simple act of taking action will create more momentum that sitting looking at the screen feeling guilty will ever do!

Give it a try next time you’re stuck and let me know how it goes.

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Wishing everyone peace and happiness for Eid! Enjoy the celebrations!


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We’ve all had those days where we get out of bed on the wrong side and things go progressively more pear-shaped as the day goes on! The thing is, how often do we take the time to consider that the world is not happening to us? We are participating in everything that we get in life! And if we don’t like what we’re getting, then we can change it!

Whining about your mood is a bit like watching a really dreadful movie on TV and not bothering to change the channel! No matter what is happening in the outside world, you alone are responsible for what’s happening inside your head!

So if life is seeming a bit tough right now go and find some uplifting music and dance around to it. Do some yoga or meditation. Read a great book or watch some animals doing stupid things on YouTube! Phone a friend who will make you laugh. Play with the dog, or borrow someone else’s! Watch Ice Age on DVD. Whatever it takes. It’s up to you, and only you, to do what it takes to feel wonderful!

Make that your first priority every morning!

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Yes, OK, I know it’s not sexy but slow and steady really is what it takes to get the job done.

In this era of “Secrets” and American Idols where overnight success with seemingly very little effort is promoted as the norm, and even success coaches are constantly telling you to get out of your comfort zone and subtly implying that if you don’t you’re a wimp, its easy to feel inadequate if you’re not making things happen in a big way and fast.

But the truth is, if you look behind the stories of these “quick change artists” you’ll find a very different story. Almost without exception they have all worked long and hard and been totally focused for years and years and years on achieving their dreams. They’ve tried and failed and got back up again and tried again, and again, and again. And they’ve kept getting back up until they’ve achieved their goal. They’ve decided that failure is not an option and that the only failure is not getting back up.

Success is hard work and it rarely happens in a straight line. But if you can learn to enjoy the journey and treat each failure as a lesson you needed to learn to get to where you want to be, you will not only achieve your dreams but you will have a whole load of great stories to tell along the way. Lets face it, overnight successes are pretty boring people!

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Today we have a guest post from my friend Ram Gangliani from Right Selection in Dubai. Their philosophy of using love in their business has made them one of the most successful organisers of inspirational learning events in the the region.


Ram and Gautam Ganglani have transformed Right Selection into a premier training and motivational enterprise by following the philosophy that you will be happy and successful  in your life in direct proportion to the degree to which you will be helpful to the world.

How has Right Selection evolved over the last decade while serving the needs of the  business community?

When Right Selection was launched in 1993, the distribution of business management books, video training programmes and motivational audios was our core business. Over the years, as we evolved, we started providing our clients with cost-effective solutions to their training needs. Client demand led us to link up with top-class international speakers, trainers and consultants like Ron Kaufman, Steve Lundin, Tony Buzan, Bob Urichuck, Omar Khan and Keith Usher specialising in leadership and management skills. Our team of experts is sourced worldwide and we have a few trainers stationed in the UAE. Although we began as a father and son operation, we are now expanding with alliances and partnerships locally and in the G.C.C. as well as adding new members to our team.”

Do you have any mentors from whom you draw inspiration to run your affairs?

We have drawn a lot of inspiration from a few premier thinkers on leadership in business and in life.  Stephen Covey, Tom Peters, Ron Kaufman, Anthony Robbins and Robin Sharma are amongst those whose guidance has helped us create the personal lives we have always wanted whilst at the same becoming stars in the sector of training and education that we have chosen.

What would you say is the secret of your business strategy for success?

It is no longer a secret, but we have found ourselves using love as a business strategy. This could perhaps be the most unique factor contributing to our success. We have found that we can get everything we want out of life when we focus on helping those around us get everything they want out of life. Massive success in business really is all about human connections. Business success comes from having thoughtful conversations with our teammates, customers and prospects. If we stop engaging in these conversations, we lose the business.

What exactly are human connections? 

As Robin Sharma says, “They’re the bonds that link us, person to person. Human connections occur when we genuinely try to serve other people and make a difference in their lives – when we learn how to communicate from the heart, speak our truth, and sincerely become empathetic listeners, getting behind the eyeballs of those we’re listening to in an effort to understand them. Communication is so essential to showing leadership in your career.” In short we need to make a special effort to show people that we cherish and understand them

How do your clients react to your unusual set of business standards?

Our clients have continued to support us year after year and remained embedded in our list of loyal clients. The fact that we more than doubled our business last year speaks for itself. What makes us happier is seeing the success of our clients who are benefiting tremendously from our variety of effective training programs and powerful learning tools.  Our ongoing initiatives have been instrumental in the development of the educating and learning culture amongst our clients. The result is – further enhancement in the relationship between bosses and employees..

As you look ahead, what do you see as your goals and vision for Right Selection?

We have realized that success is all about making a difference in the world.  And, for us to manifest abundance in our lives and success in our business, it is crucial that we become value builders. At the end of the day, that is what the voyage of life is all about…. To seek ways to enrich others, to improve the lot of those with whom we have the privilege of serving and doing business with. Our higher purpose is to help create great results for our customers and make a difference in their bottom lines.”

You can follow Ram’s blog at http://ramganglani.blogspot.com/

Right Selection are bringing Brian Tracy to Dubai in October – this is an unmissable event if you want to move your life forward rapidly! Check out the Right Selection website for more info and booking!

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Are You Rusting Comfortably?.

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I want to make it really clear that there is a difference between goals and action plans and why its vitally important to understand this difference.

Your goals come from your vision. They come from looking at your vision and asking yourself “what has to change between now and then for my vision to manifest itself?”

So clearly in order to set powerful goals, first you have to have a compelling vision – but we talked about this ages ago here!

A compelling vision is going to take you miles and miles outside your comfort zone and so it makes sense that the goals which are going to take you to your vision have to be way out there too. That’s why I always talk about HARD goals (Heartfelt, Aspirational, Radical, Daring) instead of SMART goals. Goals are all about personal growth. In other words, they are about expanding your comfort zone. Goals have to be exciting, compelling, magnetic, huge to draw us to them! They have to create passion and a sense of wonder in order to drive us to new heights! We have to wonder if we are really capable of such magnificence, and wonder how on earth we are going to achieve it, but at the same time know how extraordinary life is going to be when we get there. When the going gets tough we have to be able to look at them and know that its worth it.

But we can’t get there in just one step.

Which is where your action plans come in. Action plans do have to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound). Once you’ve set your big scary incredible goals you need to step back and ask yourself “what is the first thing I need to do to get me started moving towards these goals?”. Take each goal and work backwards. Sometimes it helps to project yourself into the future and ask yourself “How did I get here”. There are no rules about how many action steps you have to take. Sometimes you will take huge leaps, other times you will barely manage a millimetre – we all have days like this! But you need to know that every step you take is getting you closer to where you want to be. If you feel like you’re stuck, break the action steps into smaller pieces, and keep breaking them down until they feel manageable. Even if you only do one of them you are still closer to your goal.

Do this and you never need to spend much time out of your comfort zone and your brain will thank you!

Tomorrow I’ll talk about why being outside your comfort zone gives you brain damage!

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At this time of year lots of people start thinking about whether they should start seeing a coach to help them achieve their dreams.

Now don’t ask me! I am a coach! Of course I’ll tell you everyone needs a coach! Even me!

But seriously, there are some questions you should ask yourself, and any good coach will ask you at the very beginning of the process –

Do you want a coach or do you want someone to fix all your problems for you?

As a coach I can help you identify what’s holding you back and where your blocks are, and I can help you create a strategy for getting to where you want to be. But YOU are going to be the one doing the work! I’m not here to fix you! Are you ready for that?

What do you want?

Now, most people are not very clear at the outset what they really want but if you are going to be coached you have to be prepared do some serious thinking about this at the very beginning, and be prepared for some answers that you don’t expect!

Do you want to change, or do you just want change?

Most people don’t realise that all change starts from within. If life is not giving you the results you want, you are going to have to change your thinking first – your thinking changes your circumstances, not the other way round.

Will you do what’s needed to achieve what you want?

Frequently we know what we have to do but somehow life gets in the way – for example everyone knows that if you want to lose weight you have to make better food choices and exercise more so why is it so hard to actually do it? Are you committed to do whatever it takes or do you just want to study theories?

Your new coach should take you through these or similar questions in the very early stages but if you can start to answer them beforehand, you’re giving yourself a headstart to getting fantastic value from your coaching sessions!


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As summer draws to a close its time to pause a little and reflect on how far we’ve come. For some people summer has been a time to reconnect with family and friends far away. Maybe its been a lazy time of beaches and barbecues and relaxation and for some of us in the UAE summer is really just a time to survive the heat and dust and humidity! Life here is really upside down – we long for the cooler winter days and as summer ends the barbecues get dusted off and party invites start coming in as we look forward to long balmy nights under a purple Arabian sky!

I love this time of year, there’s a real feeling of anticipation in the air. People are starting to return from holiday, energised and full of ideas and ready to make a difference.

This year even more than most as we are in the midst of Ramadan right now, and Ramadan, even if you’re not Muslim, is a time to slow down and reconnect with our spiritual side and as we celebrate the Eid festival with our friends in early September there’s a real feeling of a new year, a new beginning and a new energy.

So why not spend the last days of summer reconnecting with your purpose and reflecting on what’s working and not working in your life. Life is a learning process, we don’t always get it right first time – in fact if we do we’ve probably set our sights too low! The trick to success is to spot our mistakes early and correct them, but also to keep a sense of humour and enjoy our screw ups – after all, the bigger the screw up the bigger the learning!

Here’s some great advice from Richard Branson – he’s got to be one of the best examples of success and yet even he doesn’t always get it right!

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The subject of gratitude has come up a few times this week, starting with my friend Debbie Stumpf’s suggestion that I should participate in her friend Richard Paul Evans Gratituesday idea. Don’t you just love how connections work?

Gratituesday is such a great idea to really make us focus on the many thing we can be grateful for, so it will be appearing on the Outwith The Dots Facebook fanpage regularly from now on! The next thing was a reminder about a fantastic song on YouTube by Dave Carroll. When his band’s guitars were smashed by an airline he wrote this song and since then has had over 9 million hits on YouTube! Is he grateful to the airline for smashing his guitars? You bet he is!

So the funny thing about gratitude is we can be grateful about everything, even the stuff we label “bad”, because we never know where the bad stuff is going to lead us!

A number of people have asked me for more detail on how to create a gratitude journal. The only real answer is that there is no one correct way – the key is to create something that works for you and that you will use and be inspired by.

But here’s what I do – you can take what works for you from this and add your own ideas as well (and please tell me!).

First of all find yourself a really beautiful journal to write in. It needs to be something that looks and feels special. Mine is a beautifully bound leather book with fabulous quality paper, but the best thing about it is its been personally signed by the master of inspiration himself – Mark Victor Hansen! So its very special to me.

I don’t believe when you write in it is particularly important. Its more important that you do write in it, and write regularly! I do mine first thing in the morning because I like to set myself up for the day with some fantastic positive ideas. Some people say do it last thing at night so your subconscious can work on ideas while you sleep and that’s a great idea too. Sometimes I write in it a few times a day. For example if new ideas come to me, or if something happens that shakes me. I find its a fast way to shrug off the inevitable negativity that comes our way every day!

So what do I write about? Well, keeping in mind that what you focus on is what grows, I write mostly about the things that I want to increase in my life. I start off with “My intention for today is….” then I follow it with “The feeling I need to focus on is…”

I always use Bob Proctor’s formula to start each sentence – “I am so happy and grateful….” and I go through a simple structure that works for me – mind, body, family and friends, society, finances and spirituality. I look for all the things I am grateful for, and all the things I want to increase or maintain in my life in each section. Sometimes I just write a page, sometimes its three or four pages. I don’t think it really matters how long it is, its the intention that’s important.

And then I finish with “I open myself up with love, joy and passion to all this and more, in the spirit of service to all. It is so.” and then I sign it. Signing it is really important. When you put your signature to something, you’re saying to the world you really mean it!

So that’s it. Pretty simple really but one of the most incredibly powerful tools you will ever use. Enjoy!

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