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This is really wonderful!

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Its the weekend so its time for some serious concentrated relaxation.Yes, I know that sounds like a contradiction in terms but what if you did put the same amount of mental energy into having fun and relaxing as you do into your daily work during the week?

So often the weekend is over before you know it and you think “what did I do with all that free time?” It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you do it with intention. Even deciding to have a long lie-in with a good book and a cup of tea is a great use of your time and its wonderful to enjoy the indulgence of being able to do that.

But its also a great time to reconnect with friends. Our weekday lives are so busy its really easy to lose these precious connections so I’m going to use some of my precious weekend time to catch up, reconnect and maybe even cook something delicious.

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OK, I don’t think anyone needs fixed. I think we are all perfectly placed to learn what we need to learn to grow and become who we are meant to be.

But I do love this song and the words are wonderful too!

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Following on from yesterday, the “what you want wants you” theory works just as well for personal goals as it does for professional ones. If you’re looking for your perfect partner, then the perfect person is also looking for you, and if they’re not looking then they’re probably not the person you’re looking for! If you are looking to get super fit then your body certainly wants it just as much, and the personal trainer or gym you need to help you is looking for someone with drive and enthusiasm just like you. If you’re looking to learn a new skill, like say cooking or scuba diving, someone is looking to teach you. If you are looking for a great new house or a car, someone  is looking to sell you theirs!

Doesn’t life become so much easier when we look at it this way? Everything we need or want  is already there for us, someone is waiting to fulfil it, all we need to do is connect with them.  And the key to connecting is …just ask!

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OK, did anyone NOT watch that wedding on Friday? Go on, admit it it, you had a sneak peek even if you’d sworn blind you weren’t interested. And what a wonderful joyful, colourful, uplifting occasion it was!

What I found fascinating was how many people complained about how the world sharing a young couple’s joy on their wedding day eclipsed “more important matters”. When was it decided that bad news was more important than good news? If we know that what we focus on is what grows its obvious we should be focusing much more on good news and much less on all the death and destruction going on – and maybe if we didn’t give it the energy of our attention there would be less of it.

It was so inspiring to see millions of people all over the world celebrating something that really had nothing to do with them but was the best excuse in years for a party! People connect so easily when there is great joy, and the more people connect the less possibility there is for conflict.

So my question is… why do we need an excuse for a party?

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As summer draws to a close its time to pause a little and reflect on how far we’ve come. For some people summer has been a time to reconnect with family and friends far away. Maybe its been a lazy time of beaches and barbecues and relaxation and for some of us in the UAE summer is really just a time to survive the heat and dust and humidity! Life here is really upside down – we long for the cooler winter days and as summer ends the barbecues get dusted off and party invites start coming in as we look forward to long balmy nights under a purple Arabian sky!

I love this time of year, there’s a real feeling of anticipation in the air. People are starting to return from holiday, energised and full of ideas and ready to make a difference.

This year even more than most as we are in the midst of Ramadan right now, and Ramadan, even if you’re not Muslim, is a time to slow down and reconnect with our spiritual side and as we celebrate the Eid festival with our friends in early September there’s a real feeling of a new year, a new beginning and a new energy.

So why not spend the last days of summer reconnecting with your purpose and reflecting on what’s working and not working in your life. Life is a learning process, we don’t always get it right first time – in fact if we do we’ve probably set our sights too low! The trick to success is to spot our mistakes early and correct them, but also to keep a sense of humour and enjoy our screw ups – after all, the bigger the screw up the bigger the learning!

Here’s some great advice from Richard Branson – he’s got to be one of the best examples of success and yet even he doesn’t always get it right!

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