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No! Not that kind! He’s quite cute and cuddly compared to the Klingons I’m talking about.

The Klingon is a new kind of Energy Vampire. Its actually an evolved Energy Vampire but not in a good way. And beware – any Energy Vampire can evolve in to a Klingon at any time, but especially when you put them under pressure.

The Klingon is the Energy Vampire who just won’t give up. It doesn’t matter what you do to them, you can ignore them, you can confront them, you can get them therapy, you can be mean to them and they still won’t go away. They will call you, leave you messages, emails and be very careful – they will also use your friends and family to get to you. Some Klingons have even been known to fake illnesses just to get your attention back. They’re like annoying giant mosquitoes but you can’t just swat them or spray them with PiffPaff!

Don’t fall for any of it! Do whatever you have to do to keep this Energy Vampire at bay. Tell them you’ve left the country, change your name, move house. Tell your friends you are being stalked by a lunatic and whatever you do, don’t feel sorry for it!

Another one of their tricks is to tell you they’ve realised the error of their ways, had therapy and will be on their best behaviour for ever more. Don’t believe a word of it. If you have to be polite, tell them how happy you are that they’ve got things sorted and then block their number.

The problem with the Klingon is it’s panicking – it’s lost its source of energy and is going to do whatever it takes to get it back. No trick is too dirty for the Klingon. And if it does get it back it will hang on so tight next time you won’t know which way is up.

In fact this is how new energy vampires are created! The Klingon will feed off you so much that your only way to survive might be to become one yourself!

The only way to get rid of this persistent creature is to starve it of energy and don’t engage with it in any way whatsoever! It might take some time but eventually it will find someone else to suck dry.

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This is really wonderful!

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But stuff is good! We live in a material world and some would say we chose to come here. So refusing to engage with stuff and saying it doesn’t matter seems a bit counter-productive to me. A bit like saying up is down or black is white. And if we refuse to engage with the rules of the world we live in, then we shouldn’t be surprised if the rules come and bite us on the bum occasionally!

But what we need to understand is that stuff is not the reason we set goals. Stuff is merely the reward for achieving them. The reason we set goals is the learning and development we earn as we move towards them. That’s why we set big goals. Big goals = big learning. Human beings are learning creatures and as soon as we stop learning we begin to die.

What do you want to learn in 2012?


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Hope you’re feeling fantastic today… and if you’re not, that you had the most amazing time earning it! We had a wonderful evening with great friends watching the spectacular fireworks all over Dubai! Happy 2012!

How was your clutter clearing yesterday? If you didn’t get around to doing it that’s OK. Just do it as soon as you can. Just because you didn’t achieve what you intended, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up completely. It just means you can try again and do things slightly differently based on what you learned.

But if your clutter clearing was accomplished yesterday well done! Give yourself a big pat on the back and now start thinking about what you are going to put into all those spaces you created. Its important you work quickly here – anyone who has ever made a garden knows that once you have taken out all the weeds you have to plant the good stuff quickly or the weeds will be back with a vengeance!

So to kick 2012 off with a bang – make a list of all the things you would do if you knew you could not fail!

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Well, here we are at the last day of 2011. I hope its been a good year for you and that next year is even better.

As always at this time of year there’s loads of talk about New Years Resolutions with the usual miserable buggers saying “what’s the point?” – well with that attitude, that’s a really good question!

But the thing about New Years Resolutions is that you can’t expect to succeed at them without moving something out of your life to make room for the new.

My grandmother used to always have a huge clear out at the end of the year, she used to say she had to make space for the New Year to come in and I think that’s a great idea.

So your task for the last day of the year is to think about what it is in your life that is not required for 2012 and to make a plan for clearing it out. It can be physical stuff – I’m looking at my over cluttered wardrobe right now! Or it can be mental stuff. What or who is there in your life that is not serving you? It might not actually be holding you back, but its not helping you move forward. And if its not helping you then its got to go!

There’s a wonderful quote from William Morris – “have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” – I think that’s a pretty good philosophy for life too!

Happy Hogmanay!

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So this is the quiet time between Christmas and New Year and I had all sorts of great plans for things to do to get ready for the big day! But then my body had other ideas and now I’ve got a bad cold and I’m retiring to bed with with a good book and a mug of hot tea. Its rarely a good idea to fight with your body, it usually wins. So I’m going with the flow on this one!

Here’s some great soothing music to be going on with:

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Its so easy to be cynical but how about replacing every cynical thought with a positive one just for a few days! Go on, it’s Christmas!

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