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A friend asked me yesterday how I could justify lazing around in bed as a constructive use of time. The thing is its all about pace. You can’t be going flat out all the time. And if you try to, eventually your body will tell you “enough!” And if you choose to ignore its warnings it will keep telling you louder and louder until eventually you will become sick and be forced to stop.

So it makes sense to book in some downtime with yourself as often as you can. That’s what weekends are for.

You’re not doing yourself or your goals any favours by going 24/7. In fact you will be less creative and less effective if you are tired, stressed and not properly rested. So give yourself permission to have a great weekend, switch off from everything work related and have some fun. You will start the new week with a huge burst of energy and enthusiasm.

There will be times when you do absolutely have to work through a weekend, so make sure you treasure all those times you don’t!

For us here in Dubai the weekend is almost over, but for all of you in the rest of the world have a great chilled out Sunday!

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How’s your weekend going? Still chilling? So why are you reading this? Go chill some more! It’ll be Sunday (or Monday for the non-Dubai world) before you know it!

Here’s some fabulous chillout musc from my part of the world to help you!

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Just because you’re going flat out for your goals this year,  doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to some downtime! In fact downtime is even more important than ever! Its really important to pace yourself, to slow down and let your mind and your body rest, to reconnect with friends and family and also to reconnect with yourself!

So often I hear “busyness” being used as a badge of honour. When people tell you they are so busy they don’t have time to do fun things, what they’re really telling you most of the time is they are so important, indispensable, in fact, that the whole world would fall apart if they didn’t do everything and hold everything together! But they’re wrong. The world functions very well, not because of, but in spite of their busyness!

For me my badge of honour is being organised enough that I can stop and spend some time with a friend who needs a hug, or a laugh or even just a chat. Or that I can take time out to bake cookies or tend my garden. Because when it comes down to it, all the goals and achievements in the world mean nothing if you don’t have people you love around you to share them with.

So chill out this weekend. Have some fun. Cook some great food and invite your good friends round to share it, or if you’re a rubbish cook invite some friends round to teach you! Take the dog for a long walk in the sunshine. Go for a swim or do some yoga. Walk on the beach with someone you love or go and see a movie. Or just relax with a really good book. Reconnect with what’s really important!

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