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So, at the risk of stating the bleedin’ obvious, abundance thinking is the opposite of poverty thinking!

Poverty thinking is the realm of pessimists and keeps you stuck for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you’re thinking about poverty you are going to be stressed, so your Inner Reptile is going to be taking charge and your thinking is going to be about survival. Survival thinking means you will never want to invest, you will only want to save. And while saving might sound like a good idea when you’re in that sort of situation, in reality the very best it will do is keep you where you are, but more likely, eventually you will run out of savings and be really screwed. And on top of that you’ll only have access to the brain power of an iguana which is really not going to be enough to get you out of the poverty mire your thinking just got you into. In Reptilian mode your brain can’t predict consequences and only operates in that moment of life or death, so making informed decisions is impossible. In this mode you can’t ever see beyond the current state of affairs, so all you can see is more of the same, struggle and poverty. And finally, if you are in poverty thinking mode your expectation is going to be failure, so that’s where your focus is going to be, and what you focus on is what grows. Not good!

Abundance thinking, on the other hand, starts with the basic belief that things are going to get better and makes the assumption that there is a solution. And if you focus on solutions, what do you think happens? Yes, solutions grow! In an abundance state of mind you are no longer thinking about surviving but thriving. In this mode investment becomes the priority, your focus is on taking what you have, however small, and making it expand so it can take you forward. You can invest in stocks and shares or property or better still, you can invest in yourself. Investment in your own personal growth and education always repays itself far in excess of any other type of investment. In abundance thinking you have full access to your amazing brain so you can think creatively and consider consequences, weigh up options and make calm, rational decisions while still maintaining access to your sixth sense, intuition. In abundance thinking you are always focusing on the next step forward, onwards and upwards.

Abundance thinking depends on you being able to see beyond the current reality to a better future. And once you begin to focus on it, your thinking creates that better future.


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People often ask me how they can tell if they’re on the right track or making good decisions. The answer is to learn to listen to your heart as well as your head.

So often when things go wrong people say “I knew that was going to happen”. So the question is if they knew, why did they carry on down that path. The answer generally is that they thought that maybe they were wrong, that their instincts were misleading them. They used logic to second guess their own intuition. But in reality your instincts rarely mislead you if you learn to pay close attention to them. That gut feeling is there for a reason.

Malcolm Gladwell’s wonderful book Blink explains that our brains take in huge amounts of information all the time but we can only actually process a fraction of it on a conscious level without being overwhelmed. But that information is still there and being processed on a subconscious level and often it holds the key to that gut feeling or sixth sense.

So learn to pay attention to those subtle clues your intuition is giving you. You know when things are right. And what’s more, you know you know.

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Its interesting that a number of success books, including Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich series, talk about the ability to make quick decisions being a major characteristic of successful people.

We’re not talking about quick meaningless “leaps of faith” here. Its important that you get all the information you need before you decide, but what separates successful people is that as soon as they have this information they are able to assimilate it very quickly, make decisions and then stick to them. Less successful individuals dither and vacillate, constantly checking themselves in with other people’s opinions and changing their minds. The problem is the more you analyse your decisions, the less you are able to use your natural intuition.

What allows successful people to do this is they are tuned into their intuition and let it do all the work. When you are tuned in and confidently allowing your intuition to serve you, you are able to process vast amounts of information accurately and at lightening speed.

Fine-tuning this ability will very quickly set you apart as a leader.

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We’re all familiar with our five senses but there’s still something a bit mystical about our sixth sense, intuition. Some people would argue that its not really a sense, but too many people have experienced it for it to just be a myth. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t ever picked up the phone and said “I was just thinking about you”! Some people can manifest car parking spaces even in the most crowded places just by knowing which way to turn at the right time. In our house we call it the Parking Angel and she works every time!

Intuition could come from a combination of all our senses working together and making rapid conclusions that are beyond our perception – Malcolm Gladwell’s wonderful book Blink deals with that concept in a really fascinating way. But intuition seems to be working on a much deeper level too.

But even if we don’t know where it comes from we can train ourselves to use it much more effectively and in my experience get some extraordinary results, and not just with parking cars!

The most important thing with intuition is to allow yourself to notice it. Pay attention to those little thoughts that pop into your head and try acting on a few of them. If someone’s name pops up, give them a call. If you feel like driving a different way to work, do it. I once missed a huge pile up on a motorway because my intuition said “lets take the scenic route today” and I followed it. If I’d gone my normal route I would have been stuck for hours in a huge jam.

If you’re in a situation where you have to make a decision, try visualising yourself taking one route, then the other. Which one feels clearer? That’s the one you should take. When you’re dealing with people pay attention to your feelings – if you don’t get a good “vibe” from someone, stop dealing with them. I’ve always found when I’ve ignored that little niggling feeling its caused me big problems later on. Even if my head has told me its all good, intuition is never wrong.

If things don’t feel right, they rarely are.

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