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This is really wonderful!

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Its really easy when you’re excited about your goals to forget to build some down-time into your plan. In fact a lot of people feel guilty about taking any time off at all and if they could they would work 24/7 and find a way to clone themselves as well.

But think about it this way: Imagine you had someone working for you who was brilliant, switched on, motivated, intelligent, knowledgeable, dynamic, forward thinking, creative, was totally committed to you and passionate about what they were doing and you absolutely loved working with this person.

Now imagine that you never paid them, you never praised them, you never rewarded them in any way, you never listened when they told you what they needed, you always put them last in any decisions you made, you didn’t care about their health or their stress levels, you never paid any attention to what they wanted and you expected them to show up 100% all day every day.

How long would you expect that person to hang around working for you?

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So often I hear people talking about being content as if that’s a good thing. People settle for so much less than they could be because somewhere along the line they have accepted the conventional wisdom that they can’t have it all. That somehow health, wealth and happiness are in some way incompatible with each other.

But what if that was not true? What would you do differently if you knew that health, wealth and happiness are not only compatible but in fact essential to realising the amazing person that you are meant to be?

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The real secret to happiness is actually much more simple than anyone makes it out to be. Though I guess countless books would not get published and countless blogs (including this one), websites and workshops would cease to exist if everyone suddenly realised how very simple it is.

So here it is: find out what you absolutely love to do and then create a strategy to spend as much time as possible doing it and to increase that time every day. Hey, I said it was simple. I didn’t say it was easy!

It may be that when you first start you can only carve out a few minutes each day. That’s normal, so keep working at it, use happiness as a wedge to create your amazing life.

The more time you spend doing the stuff you absolutely love, the more passionate you become about your life. Passion creates energy and the more energy you have the more effective you are at everything you do. And, as like attracts like, the more energy you create the more you attract.

So here’s the real key – one of the ways we in this material world “express” energy is in terms of wealth. So quite literally, the more passionate you are about your life the more wealthy you can become! And remember, wealth is not just expressed in terms of piles of money, though they are very useful! Wealth can also be measured by how many great relationships you have, how healthy you are, how happy and fulfilled you and your family are, and by how much of a positive difference you can make to your society.

All that just from doing what you really love! Why aren’t we all doing it?

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Bob Proctor says “Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal” which pretty much sums it up. But what is a worthy ideal?

It means something different to every single person so trying to live your life by someone else’s definition of success is going to mean a lifetime of misery and stress if you don’t take the time to really dig deep to find out what success means to you.

For some people success means rising to the top of their profession, receiving accolades and awards and power and wealth. For others success means having time and energy to spend with their family. For some it means spending a lifetime in meditation and prayer. These, and everything in between, all are worthy ideals. No one is better or more worthy than the others, although in some societies one is more highly valued than the others.

The danger is you can get sucked into needing more and more of someone else’s definition of success and never really feel fulfilled. That’s because, quite simply, you are living someone else’s dream.

The mistake a lot of people make is they think if they are not feeling fulfilled its because they don’t have enough and therefore more will make them happier. But more of what isn’t making you happy now is hardly likely to make you happy in the future.

Take the time to really decide for yourself what your definition of success is and then spend as much time and energy as you can going after it. That is the true secret to health, wealth and happiness!

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It’s just a guess, but I’m assuming with three quarters of the world watching a certain wedding in London today there won’t be a whole lot of blogging going on. And anyway, its the weekend and its a beautiful day out there, so here’s a fantastic song to lift you up and make you feel Proud:

Wishing Catherine and William health, wealth and happiness on their special day!

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