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So this is the quiet time between Christmas and New Year and I had all sorts of great plans for things to do to get ready for the big day! But then my body had other ideas and now I’ve got a bad cold and I’m retiring to bed with with a good book and a mug of hot tea. Its rarely a good idea to fight with your body, it usually wins. So I’m going with the flow on this one!

Here’s some great soothing music to be going on with:

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Its the weekend so its time for some serious concentrated relaxation.Yes, I know that sounds like a contradiction in terms but what if you did put the same amount of mental energy into having fun and relaxing as you do into your daily work during the week?

So often the weekend is over before you know it and you think “what did I do with all that free time?” It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you do it with intention. Even deciding to have a long lie-in with a good book and a cup of tea is a great use of your time and its wonderful to enjoy the indulgence of being able to do that.

But its also a great time to reconnect with friends. Our weekday lives are so busy its really easy to lose these precious connections so I’m going to use some of my precious weekend time to catch up, reconnect and maybe even cook something delicious.

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As we wind down towards the weekend now is a good time to look back on your week and see how far you’ve come.

Getting into the habit of doing this at the end of every week ensures that you never get too far off track without realising it. It’s not being off track that’s the problem here, its being off track without knowing you are!

So check in with yourself and look at what you’ve achieved this week and ask yourself four questions – What went well? What could I have done better? What did I learn? What will I do next week?

What went well? OK, I know sometimes you have those weeks where absolutely nothing seems to go right and you get nothing done that you intended and you feel like the whole universe was just taking the micky! We all have these weeks and they’re no fun! If you’ve just had one and you’re struggling to answer this question, change your focus and force yourself to think of all the things that did go well. Maybe you couldn’t get to talk to the person you’d intended but you met someone else who could be an interesting contact. Maybe you were having a really rubbish day and then a friend called you and you realised how precious friends are.  Maybe the only thing that went well was you survived but hey, that’s good! You can always find something that went well, and remember – what you focus on is what grows. Once you start looking you will find loads more to be grateful for!

What could you have done better? Rather than ask what went wrong, ask what you could have done better. This forces you to learn from your experiences rather than beat yourself up about them! And even if you had a truly amazing week there’s always something you could have done better.

What did you learn? Every experience we have can teach us something useful and the more often we reflect and register our learning the more easily we can use it! Brian Tracy says “there is no failure, only feedback”. And lots of people say hindsight is a wonderful thing – well it is… if you use it!

What will I do next week? Check in with your action plan and see where you really are in relation to where you planned to be. Sometimes you will really surprise yourself. I’ve had weeks where I knew I hadn’t acheived a single thing on that week’s list, but when I checked against my action plan for the month I found I’d done a whole load of things that I hadn’t planned for that week! Not ideal I know, but by checking in with my overall plan I felt a whole lot better about my week from hell than I had done previously! Sometimes things just work out that way! Now is also the ideal time to make your action plan for next week and let it mull around in your subconscious while you’re having fun and relaxing over the weekend!

So pat yourself on the back, pour yourself a nice glass of something chilled, put your feet up and relax! You’ve earned it!

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