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Wishing everyone peace and happiness for Eid! Enjoy the celebrations!


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These energy vampires have just got to be the most miserable fun-sucking vampires around. The most famous was Scrooge but there’s lots more out there.

They can be easily recognised by their lack of a sense of joy about Christmas but they come in a number of different forms.

The most obvious form is the one who happily crashes in on all the parties but refuses to actually contribute. You’ll find them muttering about the how commercialised it all is but really they just don’t want to give. Anything. But they’ll happily take.

Then there’s the ones that claim they don’t have time to make a big effort for Christmas. Their busy lives are so important they have to rely on everyone else to do all the work for them. If you’re not careful these energy vampires will have you scurrying around doing their Christmas shopping for them, even buying your own present – but good luck trying to get paid back!

And there’s the cheapskate vampires who are a combination of the two. Any effort they do make will be to take the easiest possible route. They buy everyone the same present, sometimes the same present every year because its just too much effort to think! If they do host Christmas they use disposable everything and buy their turkey ready sliced or microwave TV dinners!

And then there’s the politically correct vampires who refuse to say Merry Christmas on the grounds it might upset anyone who isn’t celebrating. Well, anyone who is offended by being wished a Merry Christmas deserves to be offended! I live in Dubai, the most multi-cultural city on this planet, and this week I have been wished a Merry Christmas by so many people who don’t celebrate the religious aspects of it but who truly embody the spirit of Christmas!

What energy vampires are missing is that the true essence of Christmas is abundance and love. And so the easiest way to slay these vampires is to shower them with both!

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I’ve spent a really productive day brainstorming business connections with a friend. Its amazing what you can learn about someone when you really take the time to find out and the wonderful thing is the more effort you make to dig deep, the more opportunities you can create to work together and create more abundance! This is what I call a perfect day!

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Its not just me! Here’s what Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, has to say about abundance:

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With abundance thinking your basic assumption is that there is more than enough to go around. Years ago I heard a story that if all the money in the world was distributed evenly there would be enough for more than three million dollars for every man woman and child on the planet so there is no need for poverty and certainly no need for poverty thinking! I have no idea what that number would be today but even if its gone down, which I find unlikely, it would still be plenty!

The problem is, with most of the world in a scarcity mentality, people want to hang on to what they’ve got. They don’t want to share and they don’t trust that there is enough so they feel the need to grab all they can just in case it all runs out. But the reality is, its the scarcity mentality which is causing shortages.

But in an abundance mentality we always believe there is enough to go round. That could mean enough food, enough water, enough money, enough friends, enough business, enough love. So there is no such thing as competition because we all have everything we need. And if we don’t have enough, we have a belief that we can focus on solutions and find a way to create more. And here’s the really great thing – if we are not focusing our energy on competing with each other we can be focusing on collaborating and creating even more abundance.

Remember, what you focus on is what grows. If you focus always on abundance you will always have more than enough to share!

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So, at the risk of stating the bleedin’ obvious, abundance thinking is the opposite of poverty thinking!

Poverty thinking is the realm of pessimists and keeps you stuck for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you’re thinking about poverty you are going to be stressed, so your Inner Reptile is going to be taking charge and your thinking is going to be about survival. Survival thinking means you will never want to invest, you will only want to save. And while saving might sound like a good idea when you’re in that sort of situation, in reality the very best it will do is keep you where you are, but more likely, eventually you will run out of savings and be really screwed. And on top of that you’ll only have access to the brain power of an iguana which is really not going to be enough to get you out of the poverty mire your thinking just got you into. In Reptilian mode your brain can’t predict consequences and only operates in that moment of life or death, so making informed decisions is impossible. In this mode you can’t ever see beyond the current state of affairs, so all you can see is more of the same, struggle and poverty. And finally, if you are in poverty thinking mode your expectation is going to be failure, so that’s where your focus is going to be, and what you focus on is what grows. Not good!

Abundance thinking, on the other hand, starts with the basic belief that things are going to get better and makes the assumption that there is a solution. And if you focus on solutions, what do you think happens? Yes, solutions grow! In an abundance state of mind you are no longer thinking about surviving but thriving. In this mode investment becomes the priority, your focus is on taking what you have, however small, and making it expand so it can take you forward. You can invest in stocks and shares or property or better still, you can invest in yourself. Investment in your own personal growth and education always repays itself far in excess of any other type of investment. In abundance thinking you have full access to your amazing brain so you can think creatively and consider consequences, weigh up options and make calm, rational decisions while still maintaining access to your sixth sense, intuition. In abundance thinking you are always focusing on the next step forward, onwards and upwards.

Abundance thinking depends on you being able to see beyond the current reality to a better future. And once you begin to focus on it, your thinking creates that better future.


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I’m squeezing out the last wonderful moments of this weekend so not much to talk about right now. But I’m putting together some ideas on abundance thinking and will share some of those with you tomorrow.

So here’s a lovely meditation to get you in the mood:

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I had an interesting discussion the other day when a very nice lady was trying very hard to convince me that money was evil and I shouldn’t encourage people to want more of it.

Of course she brought up the old “money is the root of all evil” excuse which is actually a misquote, or at least an incomplete quote. The original saying is “the love of money is the root of all evil”. There’s a big difference there. Loving money for its own sake doesn’t make a lot of sense and can cause a lot of misery. But money itself is only an energy, its completely neutral. It can be used for evil such as weapons and drugs or for good such as education and healthcare and yes, even shoes!

My belief is actually its the lack of money or at least the fear of lack of money is the root of all evil. Fear creates stress and fear of not having enough money to do the things we need and want to do is one of the biggest stressors in life. When we’re under stress the Inner Reptile is in charge making us make short term survival decisions rather than long term strategic ones, and so our financial situation is very likely to get worse, causing more stress and even worse decisions. Its one of those nasty vicious circles again.

If we can truly believe in abundance, even if our current circumstances may not be supporting that belief, then we can stay out of the Inner Reptile’s clutches and make good decisions which will quickly lead us out of the temporary state of lack back to a state of abundance where we belong. But if we choose to insist on poverty thinking the Inner Reptile will do everything in its power to confirm that belief.

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So what is the opposite of feeding the animals? If you’re fed up dealing with difficult miserable people how do you attract the kind of people you want to work and be with into your life?

I believe the key to all of this is passion. People who are passionate about what they do don’t need to mess around bad-mouthing their business rivals – in fact most of them don’t consider they have business rivals. Sure, there are people who do similar work to them but if they’re doing it with passion and purpose they are not rivals, they are allies! For me there’s nothing more exciting that connecting with other people in my field, sharing ideas and creating new ones!

If people of integrity and passion work together with the understanding that we live in an infinite universe and our purpose is to enrich all that we come in contact with, then the right people will be drawn to work with us. Working with difficult miserable people creates a vicious circle of stress, worry and poverty thinking. I would much rather create an abundant circle of learning and prosperity. Who wants to come and play in my abundant circle?

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A belief that we live in an abundant universe is probably one of the most important beliefs to hold if you want to live a successful life.

If that seems a bit extreme to you, think about it this way: If you believe that something does not exist why would you spend any time or energy searching for it or even thinking about it? If I suggested you devote your life to finding a heffalump you would probably tell me where to get off! What a waste of time and energy!

People who believe in an abundant universe will spend time and energy focusing on abundance and one of the fundamental laws is that what you focus on is what grows!

If you believe that the universe is limited then that’s the way you will act, that is what you will focus on and funnily enough, that is what you will get. People who believe in a limited supply are, in my humble opinion, responsible for much of the misery we see today on Planet Earth. They believe that resources are limited so in order to survive they need to hoard as much as they can for themselves.

More on abundance tomorrow!

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