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Here’s a fun exercise to stretch the limits of what you know about your potential.

Is there anything you know you are not good at? Maybe you’ve always been told you can’t sing or draw, or that you’re useless at cooking or you can’t count. So your task for the next two weeks is to choose one thing you have always believed you are not good at and choose to believe that you are really an undiscovered genius. Use every possible opportunity to tell yourself how brilliant you are at art/music/cooking, whatever you like. Whenever you find yourself thinking about it smile to yourself and say “no one knows how amazing I am at…., but I know”. Now for the fun bit – once you get used to thinking of yourself as an undiscovered genius start taking every opportunity to express that genius and marvel at what happens.

Most of the things we think we can’t do are purely based on what we’ve been told by other people. Those people may have been well meaning but they were dead wrong! Every one of us has more potential than we will ever need. Its only our belief systems that are holding us back.

Playing at what you can’t do lets you see that you really can do anything you set your mind to!

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Here’s an interesting thought. Sometimes success is more about getting out of your own way and allowing success to happen than it is about doing all sorts of new things. Sometimes all it takes is stopping doing something.

Often we think that we are not doing enough to be successful, but what if that were not true?

What could you stop doing that would free up your time and energy and allow you to move into your full potential?

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So often we are told to get rid of all our limiting beliefs and that is a very good thing. However that doesn’t mean that those beliefs we have about ourselves are never true. In fact very often they are true.

So getting rid of them just by denying them is really not helpful and often counter-productive. By denying the truth about ourselves we limit our ability to confront issues that need dealt with in order for us to move forward.

Our limiting beliefs are there to teach us what needs to be worked on for us to realise our full potential.

So rather than deny them, its much more helpful to acknowledge them and then ask ourselves the question “what do I need to learn so that this is no longer true?” or “how can I adjust my thinking so that I can move past this obstacle”. This way we are only dealing with truth in our lives.

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OK, I freely admit its a while since I was in school but one of the things that used to really annoy me was teachers saying “That’s really great work, did you do that all by yourself?”.

And when we pass our driving test the first thing we get told is “Well done, you’re on your own now”.

Like that’s a good thing?

In reality, the most successful people realise they can never achieve their full potential on their own. They surround themselves with people who are better than them and they learn everything they can from them. They create teams of like-minded people who want to thrive, not just survive. They learn that the true power of the mastermind is in diversity. They work with people who love to do the things they hate to do and are brilliant at the things they could do better. They work to their strengths and don’t waste time and energy worrying about their weaknesses and partner with people with complementary skills. And they are not afraid to share the glory when they get amazing results and to give credit where its due!

Who would you love to partner with?


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