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I was watching a documentary the other day about the demise of the dinosaurs. What was fascinating was that before the 6 mile wide asteroid hit what is now the Gulf of Mexico all those millions of years ago, dinosaurs dominated the earth. Dinosaur fossils have been found in vast numbers on every continent and their sheer size meant wherever they went, they were in charge!

dinosaur asteriod

But after the asteroid the only creatures that survived and then thrived were the tiny mammals and reptiles.

Why was that?

Its simple. Charles Darwin put it best:

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

These tiny creatures were able to survive because of their adaptability, their ability to move quickly and change according to circumstances, their ability to store energy and most importantly of all, their agility.

Looking at businesses today we can see that the corporate world is dominated by vast global enterprises but these enterprises have much in common with their ancient ancestors! When faced with challenges they don’t have the agility to adapt in a rapidly changing world. And the more energy they put into trying to change the world to suit them, the less they have for their true purpose. And the less sustainable they become.

The question is, is your business a dinosaur… or a mouse?

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Today we have a guest post from my friend Ram Gangliani from Right Selection in Dubai. Their philosophy of using love in their business has made them one of the most successful organisers of inspirational learning events in the the region.


Ram and Gautam Ganglani have transformed Right Selection into a premier training and motivational enterprise by following the philosophy that you will be happy and successful  in your life in direct proportion to the degree to which you will be helpful to the world.

How has Right Selection evolved over the last decade while serving the needs of the  business community?

When Right Selection was launched in 1993, the distribution of business management books, video training programmes and motivational audios was our core business. Over the years, as we evolved, we started providing our clients with cost-effective solutions to their training needs. Client demand led us to link up with top-class international speakers, trainers and consultants like Ron Kaufman, Steve Lundin, Tony Buzan, Bob Urichuck, Omar Khan and Keith Usher specialising in leadership and management skills. Our team of experts is sourced worldwide and we have a few trainers stationed in the UAE. Although we began as a father and son operation, we are now expanding with alliances and partnerships locally and in the G.C.C. as well as adding new members to our team.”

Do you have any mentors from whom you draw inspiration to run your affairs?

We have drawn a lot of inspiration from a few premier thinkers on leadership in business and in life.  Stephen Covey, Tom Peters, Ron Kaufman, Anthony Robbins and Robin Sharma are amongst those whose guidance has helped us create the personal lives we have always wanted whilst at the same becoming stars in the sector of training and education that we have chosen.

What would you say is the secret of your business strategy for success?

It is no longer a secret, but we have found ourselves using love as a business strategy. This could perhaps be the most unique factor contributing to our success. We have found that we can get everything we want out of life when we focus on helping those around us get everything they want out of life. Massive success in business really is all about human connections. Business success comes from having thoughtful conversations with our teammates, customers and prospects. If we stop engaging in these conversations, we lose the business.

What exactly are human connections? 

As Robin Sharma says, “They’re the bonds that link us, person to person. Human connections occur when we genuinely try to serve other people and make a difference in their lives – when we learn how to communicate from the heart, speak our truth, and sincerely become empathetic listeners, getting behind the eyeballs of those we’re listening to in an effort to understand them. Communication is so essential to showing leadership in your career.” In short we need to make a special effort to show people that we cherish and understand them

How do your clients react to your unusual set of business standards?

Our clients have continued to support us year after year and remained embedded in our list of loyal clients. The fact that we more than doubled our business last year speaks for itself. What makes us happier is seeing the success of our clients who are benefiting tremendously from our variety of effective training programs and powerful learning tools.  Our ongoing initiatives have been instrumental in the development of the educating and learning culture amongst our clients. The result is – further enhancement in the relationship between bosses and employees..

As you look ahead, what do you see as your goals and vision for Right Selection?

We have realized that success is all about making a difference in the world.  And, for us to manifest abundance in our lives and success in our business, it is crucial that we become value builders. At the end of the day, that is what the voyage of life is all about…. To seek ways to enrich others, to improve the lot of those with whom we have the privilege of serving and doing business with. Our higher purpose is to help create great results for our customers and make a difference in their bottom lines.”

You can follow Ram’s blog at http://ramganglani.blogspot.com/

Right Selection are bringing Brian Tracy to Dubai in October – this is an unmissable event if you want to move your life forward rapidly! Check out the Right Selection website for more info and booking!

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A couple of days ago I suggested you start the week up – so now I’m suggesting you end it up as well. In fact why bother coming down at all?

Creating momentum is one of the surest ways to generate results beyond what you could ever believe possible because momentum creates exponential growth. Try this little game – take a dirham (or a dollar or whatever your local currency is) and double it every day for a month. November is coming up so double your dirham every day for 30 days. And if I asked you at the beginning of the month if you wanted me to give you a million dirhams right now or one dirham that would double every day most people would choose the guaranteed million! But do the maths and see how much you’ve just short-changed yourself. This is the magic of exponential growth.

Creating momentum in your life or your business has the power to transform everything you do. Momentum is probably the most precious currency your business has so whatever you do don’t lose it!

So what are you going to do to end the week up?

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What would you be doing in your business today if somehow you had missed the news about the recession? What would you be doing differently? What do you think would happen if you just decided to ignore all the doom and gloom and start creating a vibrant and successful business right now? What would you have to change?

My passion is to teach people and business the thrill of living and working On Purpose. It just makes everything easier.

The principles of good business are always the same but during a boom people find it very easy to ignore them – a rising tide lifts all ships. People get sloppy, customers get taken for granted and businesses get lazy and lose focus and for a while nothing seems to be happening. Business seems to be getting away with it!

But the truth is, in the end it all catches up – the seeds of bad business are always sown in the midst of a boom. Its like riding a bicycle downhill, its really easy and fun, exhilarating even. But often when you get to the bottom you discover the chain’s fallen off!

When business gets more challenging we need to go right back to our basic principles, and ask ourselves some core questions – what is the purpose of a business? Why are we doing what we do? What is our vision for the future? How can we serve our customers better?

In fact we should ask these core questions about our life as well. What is the purpose of my life? How can I live it better? How can I create a sustainable future for myself and my family in an uncertain world.

In fact, we all have exactly the same fundamental purpose, whether a business or an individual our core purpose is to enrich the world by our being in it.

When the world around us gets uncertain we must return to basic principles and values and create a strong foundation from within. That way we can position ourselves for success no matter what the business climate.

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A Purpose Statement creates a strong foundation for the Mission Statement for your business.

In reality all businesses have one common purpose – to enrich lives. Think about it. Can you see how it makes sense for every business you can think of?

Don’t think of “enrich” as simply a material experience. You can enrich someone’s education, their lives, their environment or their security as well as their bank balance.

Think of all the ways it is possible to enrich someone’s life through business.

As long as a business is thinking about enriching everyone it deals with, from the CEO, the staff, the customers, to the suppliers and the people who live near it, the business can never be short of customers! Who would not want to do business with someone whose stated purpose was to enrich them?

So your company’s Mission Statement comes from the question “how does ‘xxxxx and Co’ enrich people?

Here’s some good examples of corporate mission statements:

Disney: To make people happy. Disney will never be completed as long as there is imagination in the world.

Telecare: To help people with mental impairment realize their full potential.

Nike: To experience the emotion of competition, winning and crushing competitors

Mary Kay: To give unlimited opportunity to women

Your leadership purpose and mission is NOT a goal. It is a state of being and it is something you are continuously improving on. It does not depend on circumstances or events, it can be lived from the moment you embrace it.

When you go about establishing your mission statement this way it is no longer a dry, unrealistic mantra that some consultant has forced you to write. It becomes something that you live everyday with passion.

Purpose gives you Passion which, in turn, gives you real Power

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