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Anyone who’s ever read any books on goal setting will have heard the phrase “Don’t ask how” and probably wondered how that makes any sense! I know I did!

In fact it doesn’t make any sense until you understand the sequence of thinking needed to successfully set and achieve goals. It not that you never ask how, but if you ask “how” while you’re deciding on your goals you will almost certainly give up before you start. In fact for any worthwhile goal its almost certain that you will not know how when you start out on the journey. That’s where the learning and personal growth comes in! Its only once the decision has been made that the “how” question becomes relevant.

Years ago Bob Proctor asked me what my dream car was and I told him it was a Porsche Boxster (yes, I’m a petrolhead, sorry!). Then he asked me why I didn’t have one and I told him I didn’t have the money for it. He said to me “But you don’t need the money, you haven’t decided to get the car yet!” Initially I was confused and even a bit irritated! But the more I thought about it the more I realised that what I had done was to ask how I was going to get the car before I had decided to get it. In other words, I had made achieving the goal conditional on figuring out the “how”, and in doing so I had stopped myself dead.

In 1961, almost 50 years ago to the day, when US President John F. Kennedy announced that he would form a team that would put a man on the moon, he had no earthly idea how it would be done, but once the decision was made it was inevitable that it would be achieved. Only once the decision was made did the question stop being “can it be done?” and start being “how can it be done?” And by making the decision, he drew to him all the resources and all the people who had also made the same decision.

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