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“Minds, like parachutes, work best when open”

Keeping an open mind about everything is actually one of the very best ways to stay young.

Aha! Now I’ve got your attention.

Its so easy to get set in your ways about how you think about things and to assume that your beliefs are fact. But one of the best ways to keep your mind young is to keep it flexible!

Constantly questioning your belief system and asking the question “how does this belief serve me?” is a great way to stay one step ahead of limiting ideas which hold us back from achieving what we are really capable of. Sometimes you will be able to say honestly, “yes, it does serve me”, but so often just asking the question will make you think why?

The truth is there is no one alive today, or has ever lived, who has even come close to reaching their full potential. We really do have no idea what we are capapble of so how about opening your mind to the possibility that you are an amazing, infinite being of incredible intelligence, wisdom and compassion.

Try living with that belief for a couple of days and see how much better it feels!

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Yesterday I talked about how its good to share your goals with other people because often you have no idea who can help you. But it is true that there are dream stealers out there who like nothing better than to bring everyone down to their level.

Sharing your dreams is taking a big risk, especially if you accidentally share them with an energy vampire and find all the joy and excitement being sucked out of you!

Here’s the thing to remember if that happens – this person is only behaving like this because they have no dreams of their own. Or maybe they have dreams but they are too fearful to take action on them. Hard as it is, you should feel compassion for them rather than anger.

But here’s the really exciting possibility – by sharing your dreams with them you might just inspire them enough for them to muster up the courage to take a look at what might be possible in their life.

Doesn’t that make the risk worth it?

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You know, its really easy to get angry with people who try to put you off trying new things, just as its easy to get angry with your own Inner Reptile for holding you back. But fighting your own or someone else’s Inner Reptile is a pointless activity. All it really serves to do is put them on high alert which makes making changes even more difficult.

Remember, your Inner Reptile’s job, his only job, is to keep you alive. He does this very efficiently by taking care of your heartbeat, your breathing, your digestive system, in fact everything that you have no conscious control over. So fighting him is really not a good idea! Let’s face it, he’s doing a great job – you’re still here aren’t you?

What you need to do is create a sense of calm so the survival reflex, your Inner Reptile, can calm down and allow your higher brain to take control. You don’t do this with anger or stress or agression. You can only do this with compassion.

So instead of geting angry with friends who appear to be trying to hold you back, tell them that you absolutely understand their misgivings and that you appreciate their concern for your well-being but you’ve looked at all the options and you are absolutely confident your decision is a good one. Treat them with love, care and compassion and there’s a good chance that their own Inner Reptiles will calm down enough for them to be able to support you. At the very least, you will not have sacrificed a friendship.

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